OPI Nail Dipping Powder: The Most Coveted Nail Trend for Women

Nowadays, more and more technology are being developed that makes our lives easier. In the line of nail trend, constant stream of new formulas and products are being introduced to the market that elevates the manicure far from what we used to know. Nail salon appointments are beginning to fade away and will be soon be over, because there are products now that you can apply on your own.

In the past, gel polishes are used if you want to have a crazy-shiny manicure that will last two weeks whereas acrylics is the best option if you want something that will cover you for a month. But if you are looking for a middle ground between the two, then it is about time to get acquainted with OPI dip powder: a long-lasting nail trend that you should try immediately.

What is Nail Dipping Powder?

Nail dipping powder is the newest technique for painting and protecting your nails. The product is made out of super pigmented powder and the process is consist of coating the nails with colored powder. Unlike gel manicures that involves curing and sealing your nail under the UV Lamp, nail dipping is an easy to use system that does not damage the nail bed instead, it only leaves beautiful and long-lasting natural looking nails.

The exact steps on how to use nail dipping powder usually varies from formula to formula but in general, technician usually starts with removing any excess oil from the nails then covers the nails with base coat. Typically, a few layers of top coat is set then followed by a clear powder and another round of top coat. The result of this simple process? A beautiful, stronger and lightweight manicure that will last for three weeks or more.

Luckily, this technique is something that you can recreate at home and with thousands of tutorial available online, there is no reason for you not to learn it. Unfortunately, not all salons offer dip powder so if you really want to try it, you can start by getting your own
OPI Nail Dipping Powder Set.

OPI Caters to All Types of Nail

OPI has the power to paint all types of nails right and bright whether it is round, oval or square nails, nail it and OPI will do magic. OPI offers different kinds of nail coating experience that is not only pleasing to the sight but also friendly to your purse.

The Pros and Cons of Nail Dipping Powder

When it comes to the pros of using nail dipping powder, it is kinda hard to really think of one because the powder is formulated with nutrients to keep your nails healthy but we all know that nothing is perfect so let’s start lay out the biggest mistake nail technicians do when applying dip powder.

If you are skeptical about doing the process on your own, you can visit your favorite nail salon so you can see how technicians do it. The first thing that you need to check on is how the technician applies it. Their biggest mistake actually is literally dipping the nails in the jar of powder and this is a big NO, NO! Because that is the easiest way to load the jar with bacteria. While this sight is very common on video tutorials, hygienically speaking, it is wrong. Unless you are the only customer using the jar then it is not an issue. But overall, the safest way to do it is to use a brush to dust the powder on your nails.

As long as your technician is using a safe formula, then you shouldn’t expect any long term damage to your nail. But always be on the lookout for unknown brand as they are usually loaded with harmful chemicals that can damage your nails.

What Makes OPI Nail Dipping Powder stand out?

OPI works like any other dipping nail system. But nails that are covered with that of OPI offers scratch-proof, non-chipping, non-breaking and non-lifting fingernails. And unlike acrylics or regular nail coating, OPI will keep your nails polished for weeks without fading or running its looks. Aside from that, OPI is very user-friendly, non-smelling and quick drying perfect if you want to DIY your nails not to mention that it is long-lasting. With everything mentioned above, it’s about time to try it today.