A Simple and Straightforward Guide for Taking Care of Your Beard

Beard caring regime increases the speed of your beard growth and keeps it looking well managed. By knowing a few essential products that are required for maintaining and caring for your beard, you can have a better awareness of your growing beard.

Taking Care of Your Beard

Beard Balm

A beard balm’s main ingredient would be shea butter most of the time in best beard balms as it helps you condition your beard thoroughly.


Balms are nothing but moisturizers that soften your beard as well as growth-promoting and protecting agents. Beard balms containing natural ingredients like almond oil and beeswax are ideal as they have a positive effect on your beard hair.


Strongly scented beard balms are not advisable to use as stronger fragrances contain toxic chemicals and can cause harm to your skin and beard hair. Instead, opt for the light natural scented balms that derive their scents from essential oils or non-scented versions as they do not tend to dry out your beard.


A beard balm is applied by scooping out a little balm with your fingertips and warm it up by rubbing between your fingers. Remember to warm it every time you apply, as this helps in even the application of the balm. Now run the fingers into your beard in the upward direction from below the neck, including the skin covered with beard. Then cover the cheeks and the rest of your beard using a downward direction. Ensure to cover the beard thoroughly but not to saturate it heavily.

Using beard balm on freshly washed beard helps to lock in the moisture. Best beard balms give your beard a healthy look by imparting shine and making it strong.

Beard Oil

Regular application of beard oil improves skin and hair health by using the vitamins and antioxidants they contain. They are also anti-bacterial and anti-viral, thus helping in keeping the breakouts and dandruff at bay. Reduces the brittle nature of the hair and hence the breaking of it. You also have best beard growth oil specialized for improving the growth along with the other advantages of beard oil.


The beard oil makes the hair follicles healthy, thus allowing the hair to be fuller. The healed hair grows better and feels softer as the split ends tend to seal due to the extra care. Soft and shiny beard is easier to groom than a brittle and dry beard. Skin also tends to get healthier and does not itch always. If your beard oil contains essential oils also then they promote circulation and improve keratin levels, which is the main element of hair.


Rather than calling it as applying, it would be apt if you call it a massage. Massaging the oil into your skin and beard would be more beneficial than just applying it. Especially if your primary requirement is growing the beard using beard oil, then pick an excellent beard growth oil, and tenderly massaging it will stimulate the growth. This also works to make the beard full because massaging exfoliates the skin, gently allowing the new follicles to start growing.

Along with the above two products, if you also use a beard shampoo to clean your beard, then your beard is said to be well taken care of. Well, this is just the beginning and is the basis for a healthy beard. You need some more products for making your beard staying precisely as you want and being frizz-free all day long. But for a healthy beard that looks full and has a shine, these are more than enough.