Dipping Powder Nail Manicure – Some Common Problems and Solutions

Over the years, dipping powder has become a much-preferred nail manicure process for women globally. There are various reasons for its popularity.

  • Dip nail manicures last for somewhere between four and six weeks.
  • Compared to acrylic nail polish, dipping powder nails are healthy and hygienic.
  • Applying and removing dipping powder is easy.
  • You have a fantastic array of colors available because of excellent products like LDS dipping powder.
  • A dipping powder job does not take much time. The drying time is virtually non-existent.
  • Compared to a gel polish nail manicure, dipping powders are affordable.

However, one should ensure to use quality products to get the best results. Contact us for your nail supplies anytime.

Dipping powder does seem to be an excellent option for women, but it comes with its share of problems. This article will discuss the common issues with dipping powders and their solutions.

Common Issues with Dipping Powder Polish and their Solutions

Dipping powder nail manicures can last long. They are perfect for people who are frequently on the move. However, things can go wrong if you use the incorrect procedure. Here are some problems that could crop up.


The Issue: Lifting of the polish can occur if the powder does not adhere to the nail correctly. The primary cause of lifting is the incorrect procedure followed at the time of prepping. One should ensure that the nail plate is smooth and even. There should not be any debris or moisture that could affect adhesion.

The Solution: It is better to use a sterilized cuticle remover to clean the dead skin from the nail plate. If you spend a minute or two more at the prepping stage, it can prove beneficial later. A 180-grit file should be an ideal tool to buff the nail surface. The primary idea behind preparing the nail is to ensure that the powder sticks to it properly. It is advisable to use a primer for dehydrating the nail before applying the basecoat.


The Issue: Cracking of the polish can occur if you apply dipping powder and other coatings unevenly between layers and coats. Holding the brush at an incorrect angle can cause cracking. Holding it upright and perpendicular is the wrong procedure. Similarly, dipping your nail into the powder at a 90-degree angle can create an uneven surface.

The Solution: The ideal angle should be 45 degrees or lower. The right way is to hold the brush parallel to the nail and apply the activator gel and topcoat using free long strokes. One should dip the nail into the powder at an ideal angle of 45 degrees to prevent cracking of the polish subsequently.


The Issue: Dipping powder jobs are preferable because of the quick-drying process. However, it can be a challenge to maintain the colors within the nail boundaries. Dipping powder absorbs the activator gel and topcoat. Thus, it tends to spill over to the sidewalls and cuticles if you do not follow the correct procedure. It could lead to ugly-looking nails.

The Solution: The right procedure is to apply the adhesive on 75% of the nail surface while leaving out a small area around the cuticle. Take care to dust off the excess powder after the first dip. The second coat of adhesive can be applied by leaving out a sliver of space below the cuticle. Dip your nails again into the powder to cover this area. Working in small increments can help you do a perfect job.

Risk of Infections

The Issue: Imagine what will happen if one person after the other dips their nails into the same dipping powder container. The risk of spreading infections is high. There have been instances of people contracting and spreading nail infections by using dipping powder.

The Solution: The best way to prevent infections is to carry your dipping powder with you when visiting the salon. Alternatively, you can insist on the salon technician to remove the appropriate quantity of dipping powder into a small bowl for dipping the nails every time. Doing a dipping powder nail manicure at home is an excellent solution.

The Right Procedure

Here is the perfect dipping powder procedure to follow.

  • Prepare the nails by using a high-quality nail buff or file.
  • Ensure to remove all debris and moisture to leave the nail looking smooth and even.
  • Apply base coat up to three-quarters of your nail.
  • Dip your nails at a 45-degree angle into LDS dip nails. It is better to take out the appropriate quantity of powder into a separate container.
  • Remove the excess powder and apply a second layer of basecoat by leaving out a small margin near the cuticle.
  • Dip the nails again into the powder and dust off the excess.
  • Apply the activator gel and topcoat in gentle lines by bringing the brush parallel to the nail plate.
  • Your perfect dipping powder nail manicure is over.

However, one should use quality products like LDS brands. Order your professional nail supplies from us to get genuine products delivered at your doorstep.